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Unlock more knowledge
from your content

Charli uses AI to understand, summarize and organize content – from anywhere your team gets work done.

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Break down content

Content today lives everywhere. Charli makes everything visible in one place and easy to manage – from Google Docs and Slack messages, to article links and PDFs.

  • Unite all content related to a project in one place
  • Create collections of content from different sources
  • Work faster across different platforms and apps

Get the TL;DR

Don’t have time to read it all? Charli uses AI to summarize the most important points in your content. Find common topics and insights so you can make better business decisions.

  • Create executive summaries of reports in record time
  • Summarize collections of documents to surface common themes
  • Easily share summaries with your team

Put content management on autopilot

Take content from chaos to calm. Charli interprets, tags and organizes content faster than ever before, from wherever it’s found – making it available when and where your team needs it.

  • Use AI to autotag content and get it organized
  • Find content faster without hunting through folders
  • Break up with messy team folders

Work without

Easily connect Charli to the platforms you love so you never have to leave your browser or app. With over 500 integrations available, do more in less time.

  • Send content to Charli from practically anywhere – like your browser, app or email
  • Use natural language to tell Charli what actions to take
  • Keep your existing apps but make them smarter

Use AI in a whole new

Built using true end-to-end AI, Charli opens up a world of possibilities. That means it works smarter, learns your preferences faster and simply does more.


  • Quickly learns what your content is all about
  • Predicts what you want to do with your content and takes action
  • Prompts you for answers when more information is needed
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Send content to Charli, from
wherever you do work

Simply send all of your important content to Charli without leaving the browser or platform you’re working in.

Turn scattered content into tidy collections

Charli contextually interprets, tags and organizes your content. Use the Collections feature to create your own shareable content collections.

Get a content summary, with unreal accuracy

Time is short. In record speed, Charli creates accurate and shareable content summaries of reports, documents, articles and more – so you can focus on other things.

Share your content, better than
ever before

Wherever your content lives, use Charli to share it. Share documents, summaries, notes, bookmarks, links and more. Share them individually or as a collection. See who’s viewing your content and invite others to add to it.

Integrates with the tools you love

Make the apps you already use smarter

Over 500+ integrations

Empower your team to do more with their content.

See Charli in action