Are you ready to break up with paper? Going paperless can be a game-changer for your business, reducing clutter, clearing your mind, and boosting your productivity.

To get the most from going paperless, you’ll want to have the right tools in place. Here are our top recommendations for apps that will help you make the leap.

1. Adobe Scan

When you go paperless, you’ll want to have a system to take the paper that crosses your desk (business cards, receipts, training materials etc) and make it digital. That’s where a scanning app like Adobe Scan comes in handy: it transforms your mobile device into a scanner so that you can capture information wherever you are. As well as capturing documents, it can scan a whiteboard, capture a form (and then make it easy to fill and digitally sign), and gather info from business cards to quickly sync to your contacts.

2. GoodNotes

If you want to go fully paperless, it’s time to replace your paper notebook with a digital option. If you own an iPad and a stylus, consider downloading GoodNotes. It’s a note-taking app with powerful functionalities such as the ability to search your handwriting and easy conversion of handwritten notes to text. You can also import PDFs to annotate as you read. If you don’t want to be locked into an iOS-only app, consider other popular note-taking apps such as Notion, Evernote , OneNote.

3. HelloSign

Say goodbye to the laborious process of printing a contract, signing it, scanning it, then emailing it back. Instead, use HelloSign to electronically request and add e-signatures to everything from employee contracts, business deals, NDAs, and more. HelloSign also integrates with the other apps you use to organize your business, including Salesforce and Dropbox (who just bought them).

4. Google Drive

One of our top picks for the paperless office is something you probably already have: Google Drive. To experience the full benefits of going paperless, you’ll want to store your documents so that you can access them across your devices and wherever you are.

But…your Google Drive can quickly get messy unless you are an organization wizard and obsess over maintaining your Drive. More likely your Google Drive can quickly become a long flat list of absurdly named files with a million version names or elaborate but unsustainable folder hierarchies.

Worse yet you either keep a 100 tabs open at all times or constantly hunting for Drive links in your inbox or slack.

This is why we created Charli, a companion that does the dirty work of keeping content organized in your Drive or wherever else you store information.

5. Charli

Going paperless might help you reduce the physical clutter in your office, but if you’re not careful you might soon be suffering from the digital equivalent of an overflowing file cabinet. Digital clutter can be just as distracting as physical clutter so it’s worth taking your time to set yourself up to stay on top of your new digital workflows.

And hey, you’re busy, so you probably don’t want to spend hours obsessing over how to organize all your digital files. That’s why you’ll want to delegate to Charli, your virtual content manager and “Chief of Stuff”. Here’s how it works: you can either drag files from your desktop, connect your existing Google Drive, scan paper content, or even email Charli docs, links, expenses and more. Charli figures out the best place to store the content and you can use tags to organize by project, client, or in any way that makes sense to you.

With smart AI, Charli learns over time and becomes even better at helping you stay organized. Easily file, retrieve and share all your documents from one place.

Try Charli for free and make your paperless office dreams a reality.