It’s not often you come across a group of people like our team at Charli. Finding the right people who can push the limits of imagination and then transform complex ideas into reality isn’t easy.  It’s even harder to find the right people who can work well together as a team. Yet, at Charli, we’re fortunate to have that team.

From day one, it’s been our  mission to bring together the best and the brightest. Our team is incredibly accomplished, skilled, hardworking and enthusiastic. Even in the face of Covid-19 measures, they’ve continued to show up (but now, online) to get the job done.

I’m exceptionally proud of the Charli team for so many reasons.

1. They’re laser focused

Our team has always had a remarkable ability to stay laser-focused on what matters most. Despite the additional challenges and stressors of the coronavirus pandemic, their commitment has remained unwavering. In fact, our team has continued to make significant strides on many fronts – from engineering and product development, to marketing and business development, to operations and administration. Currently, there’s a buzz of excitement as we launch our beta user program, which will rapidly scale up over the next several months.

2. They put users first – always

Our team has also remained engaged with our users to ensure we’re focused on their needs, looking at how Charli can solve their most important problems. Although Covid-19 has added a layer of complexity for everyone right now, it has also reminded us that Charli is well positioned to help users as they look for ways to get back on their feet and adapt to the new normal. The team has built the product with a great deal of empathy for our users  – both pre-Covid-19 and now – by finding new ways to address emerging needs. Everything we do is centered on the user and it shows.

3. They’re responsive

A quality I admire about our team is their eagerness to seek feedback from users and make thoughtful pivots based on that information. Our team iterates rapidly and has made incredible progress because of it. The Covid-19 impacts have meant that many user needs have shifted significantly (e.g. the new need to work remotely), yet our team has responded lightning-fast to these changes and has already rolled out some new features to support the new normal. For example, we’re seeing professionals struggling to manage the time-consuming task of scheduling a surge of virtual meetings. Our team is hard at work to automate and simplify the process, delivering timely value to our users.

4. They’re truly innovative

The word “innovative” gets tossed around a lot, so much so that it can feel hollow. But if we go back to what innovative really means – being original and creative in thinking and introducing new methods and ideas – there’s no doubt that our team is truly that. They’ve demonstrated it over and over, in a short amount of time, specifically around AI and our AI-driven chat-oriented interface. The progress our team has made in the past three months has been exceptional. They’ve done a fantastic job of delivering on core product functionalities and ensuring we have a solid foundation for executing on user requirements. Furthermore, the team has been heads down nailing our go-to-market strategy and this is starting to pay off on several fronts.

5. They believe in Charli

It’s no secret that I’m one of Charli’s biggest fans. The technology behind Charli – and how it solves users’ problems – is truly novel. Rather than using simple automations and asking the user to understand the technology, Charli instead uses context and common sense and asks the technology to understand the user. In fact, I often find myself distracted during the day, teaching Charli new skills and marveling at its ever-expanding ability to complete some of my most annoying tasks.

However, I say I’m one of Charli’s biggest fans because of the team. Our collective excitement, enthusiasm and passion for Charli is noticeable and exciting. It’s what keeps us going every day, and it’s why we’ve accomplished what we have in such a short time.

Thank you to everyone on the Charli team. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed. You matter to the company and I am truly honoured to work alongside you.