We’re already at the end of the first quarter of 2021 and I don’t know about you all but I am exhausted. Between keeping up with political news, vaccination rollouts, the latest Tik Tok dance, and all of the hedge fund vs. Reddit stuff, a lot happened from January to March this year.

Just like stonks (just google it), Charli continues to increase its value and capabilities exponentially.

The team had a busy first quarter with 2 major releases, version 1.1 and 1.2 of Charli, but there were also some 💎 in-between.

Catch up on the last 3 (ish) months of releases and what they mean for the #CharliCommunity below.

🚀 BIG features we launched and you ❤️


Fresh new UI


Charli smart content management assistant

Solving your content management problem is our focus so we focused our UI on putting the content you need at your fingertips. We put it front and center at every step of your user experience, including the homepage where you can now see your latest content, links, and activities.


Command Line

Unlike other content management tools, Charli allows you to interact using a powerful next-gen command line. This command line is always available in the app when you need to ask Charli to share your content, set reminders, create an expense spreadsheet, and more. The powerful command line is simple enough for new users and gives power users infinite flexibility.

Bookmarks + Chrome Extension

We extended Charli’s organization superpowers beyond documents. Charli can organize links with #tags and notes as well. Save links related to projects, expenses, upcoming meetings, or anything else all in the same place. Unlike your bookmarks bar, organizing links with Charli allows you to keep all content in one place and find related content based on #tags.

We made it easy to bookmark everything with Charli with our Chrome Extension. The Charli Web Clipper is always there in your Chrome browser when you need to quickly save a link. Use it to create a canvas of favorite recipes, marketing inspiration, wedding planning, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Content Canvas + Sharing Shortcuts

The days of boring links copied and pasted into emails are gone. This new feature is an internal favorite. We all quickly started to lose track of the many Airtable bases, PowerPoint presentations, google docs, and spreadsheets we shared with one another related to particular projects. Sometimes it was a long email other times a summary shared in Slack. Now we all share content canvases in Charli. Made easy with custom email messages through the command line.



Accidentally sent something to Charli? Or maybe you just don’t need it anymore? Try the new archive feature to quickly and easily ‘hide’ content from your canvas. After you upload or find something, select the content you want to archive on the content canvas and then type the command shortcut /archive into the command line. Your selected content will be moved into the Charli Archive folder in Google Drive and no longer appear on your content canvas.


💪 Small but mighty improvements you may have missed


Bigger File Size. Endless Possibilities

User feedback let us know that we needed to up our max file size, 10MB was not cutting it for most of your community so we increased file size to 30MB per upload for our free plan. If you think that’s still too small…stay tuned for an exciting announcement at the end of April about BIGGER and BETTER plans for larger file sizes.


Custom Subject Lines

Another community-driven feature. Our community let us know Charli’s default subject lines for canvas sharing were not helping them stay organized. So now you can make sure Charli emails don’t get lost in the shuffle and are easily found in your recipient’s inbox.


Command Line Suggestions

We’re on a mission to reduce inefficiencies and interruptions to your everyday workflows. One of the ways we’re making it possible is through Charli’s command line. Powerful commands designed to make admin tasks faster and easier. If you want Charli to quickly complete tasks for you, just use the new power command suggestions. You’ll see the suggestions in the power command shortcut and in the conversation view. Simply click on the command and add information that Charli guides you through. Power-user tip: You can press the Tab key to auto-select the first command option.



Charli’s content canvas is a new way to interact with content. Not confined to folders or hierarchies but organized by your unique #tags and keywords. We wanted to make viewing and organizing content a beautiful experience. Like gathering pins on your Pinterest board. The new thumbnail view within the content canvas is visually simple, loads fast, and is easy to navigate providing a condensed view of the canvas – great for viewing a lot of content all at once.


Honorable mentions for other small but mighty updates:

🔥 Copy and download content directly from the content details page
🔥 Updated email template, so shared emails from Charli deliver a great experience for recipients
🔥 Easily restore archived content with the /restore command
🔥 Improved drag & drop support onto conversation windows


🐞🔨 The little things we did to improve the experience


Performance improvements

Overall each new release strives to improve Charli’s performance. Process and upload content faster, render thumbnails on the canvas faster, reduce latency in between channels, and more.

Improved expense processing

Managing expense content has become a much-loved feature by small business owners and freelancers in the community. A lightweight addition to their bookkeeping tools or an alternative to managing everything with a manual process or spreadsheets. So, we spent time in Q1 ensuring this feature was reliable and fully functional in time for tax filing season. Improvements were made to the accuracy of Charli’s information extraction, minor bug fixes related to the /spreadsheet function, and AI categorization updates to auto categorize common expense types like invoices.

What to look forward to in Q2?


Enhancements to organizing existing Google Drive 
We’re making it even easier to organize existing content in Drive and get more value from Charli’s AI capabilities. Learn more about how organized your Google Drive is currently and how to improve.

More cloud drive + app integrations
As much as we love Google, we’re excited to add more cloud apps Charli can work with, including OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. Stay tuned!

This is our top requested feature from users. Reminders made easy with Charli.

iOS app
Our iOS app will be moving out of TestFlight and into the app store this quarter.

Charli Pro (for small teams)
So many in our Charli Community want to use Charli to improve team collaboration. So we’re introducing a new tier called Charli Pro for small teams launching at the end of April in private beta.


Read the full release notes

🚀 Release 1.2.1
🚀 Release v1.2
🚀 Release v1.14
🚀 Release v1.13
🚀 Release v1.12
🚀 Release v1.11
🚀 Release v1.10