Your tools are only as good as your commitment to good habits. Every bit of software we use in our daily lives has the potential to go stale and stop being useful.

As an AI-powered productivity tool, Charli is learning along with you. Think of Charli as a partnership. You’re both learning new good habits and working together. Charli is like your real-life administrative assistant, dedicated to organizing your digital clutter, from documents and links to notes and expenses. However, there are some new habits you’ll need to adapt to make this partnership perfect.

Here’s how you can apply the new rules for getting organized and being your most productive self with the help of your very own AI assistant, Charli.

Apply Rule #1 – Save everything in one place

💎 Treat Charli like your digital shoe closet

As Benjamin Franklin once said ‘A place for everything and everything in its place, we have places for household items like our keys, shoes, and food but we’re not so organized with our digital life. Our content lives in our inbox, chat apps, cloud drives, local drives, and phones. Your information can feel overwhelming living in multiple places. So why not manage all the information in one place?

How it works

As soon as you receive an important piece of content, like an invoice, receipt, or document send it to Charli. Maybe it’s at the end of the week after working on a project or the end of the month when all of your invoices hit your inbox. Send it to Charli right away so you don’t have to manually file away information yourself & trust it’s getting organized.

  1. Take a few minutes each day to upload, forward, bookmark, or scan items with Charli
  2. Add hashtags and notes so you give your content some context
  3. Sit back and relax


Apply Rule #2 – Minutes spent today are hours saved tomorrow

💎 Figure out what content is costing you time and then send it to Charli

This one is easy, just look at your most recent messages in slack or your inbox to see what content you are most frequently asked to send or what you have recently sent. This will give you a good idea of where to start with Charli.

Always sharing and resharing the same brand documents? Or maybe you have to send monthly expense reports to your bookkeeper or finance team?

How it works

You will likely only need to do this once a quarter or less. Take a look at the tabs you have open in your browser and mark down the tabs you’ve had open the longest, sift through your chats and inbox and look for frequently asked questions and sent content.

  1. List out all the content that you search for the most or get asked about the most
  2. Upload this content into Charli with your unique #tags
  3. Next time someone asks you for that content. Find it in Charli and hit share.
  4. BONUS: Tell them to get Charli too so they don’t lose track of the content and ask you again!

💎 Bring your own #tags

Business analysts, assistants, and organization professionals exist to give us the tools and processes we need to keep things organized. For content at least there is a better way….

Instead of thinking in folders, think in #tags!

How it works

#tags give you the ability to organize and categorize without worrying about folders. Not only do #tags help Charli personalize organization to you but it makes it easier for you to find the content you need when you need it.

  1. At school, you have binders for different subjects, Think about a few broad categories of tags like Marketing, Finance, Clients for work and stuff like Life Admin, Mortgage, Car for your personal life
  2. Use these tags (almost) every time you send content to Charli
  3. Add 1 or 2 more specific #tags to give Charli even more context, for example,#Receipts #Groceries


Apply Rule #3 – Embrace a process and stick to it

💎 Find > Folders

Folder hierarchies start off with so much promise, so neat, so tidy, so organized. For most of us, they quickly turn into chaos. Your week gets busy, you stop putting things in folders, next thing you know and your Google Drive is a hot mess, you’re turning your inbox inside out trying to find that one document. This is not a sustainable process.

Putting your trust in Charli to manage your important information is only helpful if you can stick to the process.

No more worrying about folders in Google Drive. Just go find what you need in Charli.

No more endless searching in your inbox, on your desktop, or in Google Drive. Just ask Charli.

How it works

Charli’s powerful find function is like your search bar took the limitless pill. By adding content to Charli and providing the context you’re now able to find things you need when you need them. Instead of relying on folder hierarchies just use find.

  1. Try to always add #tags and notes to content uploaded to Charli
  2. Break old habits. Use Charli’s find instead of your Google Drive or Inbox search.
  3. Set Charli as your default new tab so it’s easy to access