About 3 months ago we launched our public beta version of Charli and today we’re releasing version 1.1.

This version is a result of all the amazing feedback we received from YOU, our users. Our talented team has been hard at work since October to fully realize the vision for a better way to manage content in our increasingly complex digital world.

With Charli version 1.1 we’ve added some BIG new features like supporting new content types (ahem LINKS), built a chrome extension to easily capture links and other content directly from your browser, a new beautiful way to display and share content, added support for organizing existing Google Drive files, and last but certainly not least the ability to create and set reminders for content deadlines like upcoming invoice due date or project milestones.

Not to mention improvements to our overall look and feel, improvements to Charli’s ‘find’ feature so you can find content up to 10x faster and some very cool one-click commands.

With version 1.1 of Charli, we’ve focused on the nagging problem of content management so you can stress less and do more.

Why content management?

Because content is everywhere.

Sure our content is more easily accessible across multiple devices today but it’s also scattered everywhere.

We need content in almost every aspect of our work and personal lives. Whether it’s docs related to an upcoming meeting, invoices and expenses needed for tax season, or everything you need to kick off that big home reno. We need the information from various types of content to finish the job, grow our business, and get paid.

So while Charli is designed as a productivity assistant, our core focus will always be on your content.

Here’s what we’ve learned since October’s public beta launch:

  • You don’t just lose track of where you put content like presentations, docs, and spreadsheets, but links! The odd idea in a slack chat, emailing yourself an article to read, important google doc or sheet links, and airtable base that was shared with you etc.
  • The above is why you keep a lot of tabs open (check out our report on the State of Productivity if you haven’t seen the stats on tabs)
  • Copying and pasting content from different places into an email is a big part of your workflow every day. Usually accompanied with a message and it’s this work about work that takes up more time than the work itself.
  • You hate having to search through your inbox, Google Drive, your local drive just to figure out where you put something
  • You love using extensions.

So here’s what we built for you

Organize everything in one place. Documents everywhere organized in one place.










Charli 1.1 has some pretty noticeable changes, including our UI.

Fresh new UI

Charli smart content management assistant


Solving your content management problem is our focus so we focused our UI on putting the content you need at your fingertips. We put it front and center at every step of your user experience, including the homepage where you can now see your latest content, links, and activities.

Next-Gen Command Line

Charli next-gen command line

Unlike other content management tools, Charli allows you to interact using a powerful next-gen command line. This command line is always available in the app when you need to ask Charli to share your content, set reminders, create an expense spreadsheet and more. The powerful command line is simple enough for new users and gives power users infinite flexibility.

Organize everything with #tags

Organize all of your content in one place

Existing users know and love how #tags can help them find content faster and create an evergreen system of organization. In addition to #tags users provide, Charli’s AI also applies smart auto tags to categorize content even when you’re in a hurry.

We’re extending the ability to #tag and organize content beyond files to links. So you can save links related to projects, expenses, upcoming meetings, or anything else. Unlike your bookmarks bar, organizing links with Charli allows you to keep all content in one place and find related content based on #tags.

Create content groupings that make sense for your everyday workflow.

Are you preparing a competitive analysis for your business? Track all your links, take screen captures, and share with your leadership team in an instant.

Putting together a proposal for a new client but have tons of information to share? Use #tags to sort it all together and share it using Charli.

But what about notes?

Charli loves notes, in fact, you can add notes to any of your contents and you can always have that personal touch to what you do and how you organize it, including your impression of a link to an Instagram video you want to keep track of. Even better, these same notes allow you to FIND your content much faster when you use keywords in addition to tags, which makes it so easy to share with colleagues, prospects, and customers.

Content canvas

Content visualization board

The days of boring links copied and pasted into emails are gone.

This new feature is an internal favorite. We all quickly started to lose track of the many airtable bases, PowerPoint presentations, google docs, and spreadsheets we shared with one another related to particular projects. Sometimes it was a long email other times a summary shared in Slack. Now we all share content canvases in Charli.

Everything you need to know to catch up on the next product launch or a customer meeting in one place. Visualized beautifully so you can see the content – no more boring folders and lists.

Find stuff faster

AI powered universal search

The reason you chose a better way to manage content isn’t just to be more organized, it’s so you can find what you need FAST. We’ve mentioned before the staggering statistic that up to 19% of our time each week is spent looking for information.

With Charli’s ‘Find’ capability you’re not just doing an endless search, Charli is really going to ‘Find’ exactly what you need. Using #tags and keywords Charli is better able to locate the content you need.

Today this feature is limited to content in Google Drive and links you’ve organized using Charli but soon you’ll be able to do a unified search across drives.


Automated shortcuts to improve productivity

One of the problems our users faced was remembering to do something with the content they just organized. Sure getting to inbox zero is great, but it’s not so great when you forget to action important content from those emails. You can now ask Charli to set reminders for important deadlines like invoice dates, contracts, SLAs, or just when you need a nudge to do something. All with a one-click command.

Charli 1.1 is going to make organizing content not only easy but actually kind of fun (we hope).

One of our users thinks of Charli like her personal organization pal, another user calls it duct tape for his brain, what will Charli be for you?

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