Our latest release has features that make Charli even easier to use with your team. We’re previewing features only available in Charli Pro to our early adopter user community. We want YOUR feedback on these exciting new Charli capabilities.

Catch up on what we’ve been working on!

Have you ever found yourself wondering where that link or document shared with you went? You end up searching Slack, Gmail, Google Drive before just giving up and asking the sender to re-send the invite.

It’s a colossal waste of your precious time.

For some, the solution might be to just immediately download and add content to their own cloud or local drive, but even that takes time.

So we worked on a better way for teams to effortlessly find and share cloud docs and links with one another without the hassle of creating a wiki page or complex shared folder structure.

Introducing in-app sharing

In-app sharing allows you to share content seamlessly with your team, your vendors, and external partners. If they are Charli users or choose to sign up, they can add that content to their own Charli in one click.

No longer do you have to worry about losing access to important documents that were shared with you. With Charli you can feel secure that content shared with you will now be tracked by Charli, you can even add your own personalized #tags or just keep the senders.

We would love to get your feedback on in-app sharing and this feature is going to be enhanced significantly over the next few releases (see “coming soon”).

🔜 Coming soon: in-app notifications and a dedicated space to see all content canvases shared with you.


Content reminders

Probably one of our most requested features and another perk of upgrading to the Pro plan, reminders! We just couldn’t resist giving everyone access to reminders for a limited time before we launch our paid plans.

Reminders allow you to quickly ask Charli to create a reminder in Google Calendar on your behalf.

Charli isn’t just for finding and sharing content but to track and manage the lifecycle.

For example, if you upload a new presentation you might want a reminder to finish the edits before a particular date. Adding a reminder for that deck is just one click away. Along the same lines, you might get some shared content from a team member. You can quickly add it to your Charli and set a reminder.

Or maybe you need to get a contract signed? Or an invoice paid? Whatever you need, Charli is there to remind you.

🔜 Coming soon: In-app notifications for reminders


What else is new?

  • Update: your name shows up as the sender when sharing content via Charli
  • Update: enhancements to the document categorizer so Charli can auto-tag more of your content
  • Fixed: longer notes sent to Charli via email were being truncated, this has now been resolved
  • Fixed: some users experienced issues with the Chrome Extension last week and the problem was quickly resolved
  • Read the full release notes here

Get excited for what’s coming soon!

👉 BIG changes to our user interface are coming later this month, keep your 👀 peeled for more
👉 More cloud drive integrations (go upvote your picks here)
👉 iOS app is almost here! As the world opens up you’ll be able to take Charli wherever you go
👉 We’re checking out some cool Slack 💬 integrations … stay tuned!


Have feedback?

Tell us about your biggest productivity challenges and what you’d like to see next in Charli. Got a specific product idea? Review our public roadmap and submit an idea or upvote an existing one.