Our latest release is full of enhancements and *few* new features. We’re always working hard to address YOUR feedback and have added a lot of small but important changes to make Charli easier to work with. Catch up on what we’ve been working on!

Spring is in the air…

Do you know what that means?

Well, it’s time to do a good spring clean, not just dusting the cobwebs under the couch, but dusting the cobwebs of your messy desktop folders, inbox, and Google Drive. Spring is also the time to start getting your financials ready for tax season. So are you ready to tackle the physical and digital clutter?

We’re here to help! Along with the release of Charli version 1.2 we’re also going to be sharing helpful resources over the next few weeks to help you:

➡️ How to go (almost) totally paperless
➡️ Track and manage small business expenses
➡️ 10 best apps to manage small business expense
➡️ 5 apps to help you make the transition to paperless


So what’s new in Charli 1.2?

A lot of new features and enhancements based on our community’s awesome feedback.

Copy Drive links from your canvas

One of our most requested features just went live! We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for you to interact with your content, so now you can copy drive links directly from the Content Canvas. No need to open Google Drive. We’ve also improved content 🌃thumbnails on your canvas.


Custom subject lines!

Add an optional custom >subject line next time you share a content canvas. Adding a custom subject line makes it even easier to use Charli to share just about anything with your team, vendors, or clients directly from the Charli app. No more copying and pasting links into an email and then constantly digging in your inbox when you need those files again. Keep it organized in Charli with #tags and notes, you can even see who you recently shared your content canvas with in your activity feed.

We also launched a new look for emails sent on your behalf, what do you think? Submit your feedback here or drop us a line!

Improvements to expense processing

Just in time for tax season, we’ve made it easier to upload, process, and organize expenses in Charli. It’s almost tax season 💵🧾, do you know where your deductible expenses are? Well, if you’re behind on organizing your personal and business expenses for the tax man, we’re here to help. Try out the powerful command line to see all your expenses /show-expense >month March >year 2020 (filter by month, year, or even by #tags). You can also generate an expense report with the /spreadsheet command. Learn how to create your own here.


Charli’s AI backend gets smarter

Updates to the document categorizer allow you to send file types like invoices, receipts, resumes and more and Charli will auto categorize the content with even higher accuracy. Try it with any invoices or expense types you receive regularly, simply forward, upload, or scan the content and watch as Charli organizes in the right place. Tell us how Charli’s categorization smarts stack up to your preferences by submitting feedback.



Accidentally sent something to Charli? Or maybe you just don’t need it anymore? Try the new archive feature to quickly and easily ‘hide’ content from your canvas. Learn how to /archive here.


Get excited for what’s coming soon!


👉 iOS app is almost here! As the world opens up you’ll be able to take Charli wherever you go

👉 Reminders 🗓 so you don’t forget to follow up on important content

👉 More cloud drive integrations (go upvote your picks here)


Learn more about Charli 1.2, read the full release notes here.