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Charli is the easiest way to organize all of your files, invoices, links and notes in one place. Our AI-powered content assistant can organize, quickly find, clearly visualize, and share your important content. Never lose an important doc or link again!

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Organize everything in one place. Documents everywhere organized in one place.

Get organized in 3 easy steps: 

Step 1: Login to Charli using your Gmail account

Step 2: Start uploading content like links, documents, invoices pictures of receipts, screenshots  – you can drag and drop or forward directly from your email to Charli

Step 3: Add #hashtags and notes for Charli to learn more about your organization preferences. Charli uses AI magic to understand your content and where it belongs

Feel the zen! Charli has filed your content in your Google Drive. You can now find & share stuff 10X faster with Charli as your content assistant.

Follow our quick start guides to help you work more efficiently with the help of Charli:

Need more help? Check out the FAQ or submit a request to our team for any issues.

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