Are you ready for a New Year Reset?

2020 was a challenging year for many of us, both personally and professionally. Navigating work-from-home, working around children and partners, cut off from our support systems and usual ways to destress… This was just the tip of the pandemic iceberg.

So if you’re feeling exhausted—we get it.

But: we also know the power of hitting that reset button, and how planning and organizing for the year ahead can shift your focus and give you the energy to tackle new challenges.

How to get organized for the new year

Even without the pandemic, so much of being a small business owner or entrepreneur is about staying ahead of the whirlwind of emails, documents, and notifications. It can be hard to feel like you’re on top of the constant stream of stuff. Organization efforts fall by the wayside as you just work to keep everything going.

But here at Charli, we believe there’s another way. It’s why we’ve created a digital organizer app with a difference: our first-of-its-kind AI assistant is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs get organized and stay that way.

And because getting organized is our jam, we know there’s plenty of simple steps you can take right now for your New Year reset.

Here’s what we want for you:

  • The feeling of opening your laptop without deep dread as soon as you see all the unanswered emails in your inbox
  • Freedom from overwhelming notifications (most of them from newsletters that you don’t even remember signing up for)
  • Purpose for the year ahead (and a plan for how to get there)
  • Insight into where your time really goes (and how to reclaim it)
  • A whole host of tools to help you keep your digital life easy peasy for the rest of the year

That’s why we’ve created our “Guide to Hitting Reset” with actionable tips to start your 2021 off right.

We cover:

  • How to declutter your digital life so you can get started on the work that really matters
  • How to set personal and professional goals for the year ahead (complete with planners you can use to stay on track throughout the year)
  • How to identify your personal productivity killers (and sage advice from high performers who know what it takes to succeed)
  • A list of tools to keep you organized and stick to your plans

These simple steps can help any small business owner or entrepreneur take stock, get organized, and build a plan for how they want to spend the next 12 months.

Ready to take on the challenge and reset for 2021?

Download your free “Guide to Hitting Reset” eBook now.