Over the past ten years, the world of work has changed dramatically—and so has the state of our productivity.
Tools such as Slack, WhatsApp, and Zoom have shifted how we communicate. Many businesses have embraced the Cloud, going paperless where possible, and encouraging digital collaboration. More than ever, being a professional, entrepreneur, or small business owner means being on top of a constant flow of information.

While these digital tools have had positive impacts, it’s also true that our hyper-connected world can lead to endless distractions.

The pandemic has only accelerated these trends. With many people working from home we’ve become more reliant than ever on digital tools to get work done, but there are more distractions and demands on our time than ever.

It’s too early to know how the impact of the pandemic will reshape our business and workplaces in the long term. But it’s clear that now is a good time for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners to take stock.

  • What does a productive workplace look like in the future?
  • What systems need to be in place?
  • What tools can better enable a productive and balanced approach to work?

To do this, we’ve pulled together a state of work productivity report, based on survey data. Our goal is to help businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals understand where we’re starting from so that we can begin to map our way towards a future where businesses are thriving, and professionals feel productive and in control of their work.

Connected, but distracted

We surveyed 1,000 Canadian professionals to learn more about their habits and experiences. In our productivity analysis report, we reveal a world of hyper-connectivity, with most professionals juggling multiple forms of communication every day.

While these tools keep us in contact and foster collaboration, our productivity report revealed that professionals are struggling to stay on top of their work.

  • The majority of professionals told us they don’t have complete control over their tasks due to dealing with some level of distraction.
  • Three in ten professionals get less than 30 minutes of focused time on a task in their workday.
  • More than three in five professionals are working on 2-3 tasks simultaneously.
  • When logging in for a work video calls, two-thirds of professionals surveyed admitted they weren’t giving the call their full attention.

What’s the impact of all of this? Our survey revealed that more than half of professionals were losing between one to three hours per day to distractions, creating a significant hit to their productivity.

The Way Forward

At Charli, we’re committed to finding a different way to work. The cost of lost productivity is too high: both in financial terms for businesses and entrepreneurs, but also at a personal level. Constant distractions and juggling of tasks can be a significant cause of stress and even burn out. It’s why we created Charli, the AI assistant who supports you to get organized, automate workflows, and keep track of critical documents.

As you read our state of work productivity report we encourage you to reflect:

  • Where do you see these behaviors in your own professional life?
  • What would you like to shift, both at a personal and cultural level?
  • What tools and supports would you need in place to foster a more productive, less distracted work life?

And if you’re a manager or small business owner, it’s a great chance to reflect on how you can best support your team to ditch the overwhelm and focus on getting great work done.

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