Have you ever wondered how other busy people manage their crazy schedules and stay on top of it all?

Us too.

We’ve spent a lot of time studying successful businesses from solopreneurs to 100 person startups and we came across a few patterns.

Everyone, including the solopreneurs, stressed how important it was to document things, whether that meant jotting down to-do lists in a notebook, maintaining a wiki in Notion, or having SOP documents for every workflow in the business. Successful teams collect, organize, and disseminate the information so that everyone can move faster.

Do you know what else we learned?

Every team no matter how efficient or effective were also inadvertently creating silos of information. It’s no secret that managing knowledge is challenging at work, we share information over slack, email, google docs, in our wiki pages, simply because centralizing that information doesn’t make sense. Some information is ephemeral and transactional, some is static, some changes but infrequently, so we found the best ways to manage that information.

Individuals and teams continue to run into the same problem, finding, sharing, and managing the information that powers work is a job in itself and wastes so much time.

Find what you need on the first try


We built Charli to address the challenges of managing content chaos so you can waste less time on grunt work and focus on what matters most.

How does Charli help you find the content you and your team need when they need it?

✅ All your content tracked in one place
✅ No hassle team sharing and collaboration
✅ Organization tailored to your team’s needs
✅ Simple, easy, and multi-channel interface
✅ Works with your existing systems and apps

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Break down silos and break up with folder hierarchies


Visualize all of your content in one place with the Canvas. Links, documents, expenses, images, can all be organized in a single view to make sharing everything from onboarding documents to project plans one click.

Work-life before Charli

❌ Google drive is a mess
❌ Trying to do everything in Slack or Emails
❌ Wasting time searching for files, creating wikis, playbooks, and other hacks
❌ Sharing and re-sharing the same files
❌ Keeping a million tabs open
❌ Full-time staff hours spent just maintaining folders

Work-life with Charli by your side

✅ All of your cloud docs and links in one place
✅ Always find the content you need
✅ Share and collaborate faster
✅ Send content to Charli from your browser, inbox, or mobile device
✅ Let AI do the content management grunt work

What workflows can you add Charli to?


Onboarding new client or team members

Are you frequently sharing the same information when onboarding a new client or team member? Create a #tag to organize your #onboarding content within a single canvas.

Managing team or project expenses

Need to track and manage expenses for a marketing project, campaign, or client? Use Charli to manage your expenses. Send Charli invoices and receipts directly from your inbox or upload them from your phone. Charli will recognize the expense, extract important details, and make them available in a canvas.

Want to report on the expenses? Charli has a shortcut to turn that content into an expense reporting spreadsheet, with a few clicks.

Keep track of your links

Download the Charli chrome extension to easily track links the same way you track content. Use this feature to track links that need to be shared within your team, blogs you want to go back and read, or even recipes.

Marketing swipe file

Come across inspiration on the internet? Add to your swipe file. Simply open the Charli Chrome Extension in your browser, add some notes, add a tag like #marketing-swipe and you’re good to go. Upload screenshots and other ideas from your mobile device, desktop or forward an email. By tagging it with #marketing-swipe you’ll have a canvas full of inspiration for your next campaign.


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