Earlier this month we talked about why it’s so important for small businesses to track and manage their expenses (hint hint: tax day is near!), we even recommended some tools you could leverage (based on your small business type), now it’s time to dig into one of those solutions: Charli.

We’re obviously biased.

But using Charli can be a great solution to track and manage expenses in a simple and effective way. 

How do I start? 

Well like we’ve been talking about this month, it’s time to gather those expenses and declutter. We specifically talk about expense categories you should prioritize for tax season here, but in general, any invoice, receipt, or bill should go to Charli. 

How do I hand my expenses over to Charli?

Use the command /process-expense button in your Charli app and start uploading your expenses. You can also do this on your mobile device and via email.

There are 3 main ways to hand over expenses to Charli:

1. Scan/Take Photos

Use your mobile device to take pictures that allow Charli to “scan” your paper based expenses. You can either do this directly in the Charli app in any web browser OR request access to the Charli iOS app (currently in private beta 🔒)

2. Upload from desktop

Drag and drop or use the file picker to select expenses from your local hard drive. 

3. Simply forward Emails

Email is tied for the most popular way to track and manage expenses. We get a lot of receipts via email these days from technology vendors, e-commerce sites, and even essential services like your utility provider. Simply forward the emails to Charli (charli@mail.charli.ai) and you’re done!

Can Charli categorize expenses for me?

Charli will do it’s best to understand and categorize expenses for you, but you can also go and edit any of the details after uploading them. 

Use #tags and notes to add additional context either when you are uploading, scanning, or emailing expenses to Charli or anytime after. 

🌶️ Pro-tip: send Charli a group of similar expenses in one upload. For example, you can scan & send all your grocery receipts and use the tag #groceries to group them. Then drag & drop to upload all of your business receipts with a tag like #business-tools 

The best part is Charli will try to extract information for you like the total price, tax amount, currency & merchant name by scanning your receipts:

How do I see my expenses? 

Just ask Charli to /show-expense and include the date parameters you’re looking for. You can also create a content canvas for expenses with a particular tag like #chartiable-giving or #marketing-expense 

  1. Filter your search with parameters. For example:
    • /show-expense >month February will show expenses from February 2021
    • /show-expense >month October >year 2019 will show expenses from October 2019
    • /show-expense >start_date 2021-02-01 >end_date 2021-02-24 will show expenses from February 1, 2021 to February 24, 2021
    • /show-expense >tag #personal will show personal expenses from the current month.

Learn more about the /show-expense shortcut command here 

Create a spreadsheet of your expenses

So you’ve got Charli to organize your receipts, now what? Try out a power command with Charli’s ability to create a spreadsheet with your expenses! There’s quick ways Charli can create an expense report spreadsheet. 

Here’s how: 

  1. Click the power command button 
  2. Use the command /spreadsheet
  3. Include the required month >month and optional >year suggestions 

Learn more about /spreadsheet shortcut command here

Now that you’ve put in the work to track and manage expenses with Charli, keep up the good work and go fully paperless in 2021. It can help you declutter your physical space and keep things organized. Goodbye FOREVER receipt shoebox! Hello to better bookkeeping with the power of AI.

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