It’s a big day for our company. I am proud to announce that Charli AI has officially come out of stealth and we are launching early access to the product for integration partners.

As some of you in my professional network know, we have been building and refining Charli this year in our anticipation of a planned release in 2020.  The problems that Charli solves have been on my mind for the better part of a decade and it is exciting to see Charli in action. I am also proud to be working with such a high-class team that has been doing a fantastic job of building, training and working with Charli.

As an entrepreneur who has built and sold startups, worked for companies small and large and gigantic, the challenges of productivity in our connected world are vast. Especially as our lives become more mobile the constant task switching required in a day’s work can create inefficiencies for our everyday work life. What’s worse? Technology designed to solve these problems have piled up.  We now have apps, spreadsheets, and communication tools that try to streamline our work, but have amounted to more data entry, coordination, steeper learning curves and headaches.

This is why we created Charli. To solve a problem many of us are familiar with but no one has adequately solved for the hyper connected digital workplace.

Read the full press release here to learn more and sign up to get notified when we launch market wide on the website:

I’ll be sharing our journey over the next 6 months on LinkedIn, so hit follow if you want to keep up with our progress.