You’ve heard the cliché: work smarter, not harder. But when you’re already swamped with work, it can be hard to find the time to figure out how to work smarter. And believe us: the struggle is real. 60% of office workers spend 3+ hours a day on admin.

Yet how many times have you tried to adopt a new tool or productivity system only to let it go stale after a few months? Extensions for Chrome and Gmail make it so you can keep those tools top of mind and really integrate them into your workflow.

Finding the right combination of extensions for Chrome can be a real game-changer for busy people who want to be more organized but don’t have the time to spend maintaining a bunch of different toolsets. We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite Chrome extensions that you can use to crush your productivity killers —right from your Gmail Inbox or Chrome browser.

1. Forest

Have you ever lost valuable time falling down an internet rabbit hole? It’s easy to get sucked into checking your social, reading your emails, catching up on the news, doing a little online retail therapy… And before you know it, the big presentation you’re working on, or the report that was due yesterday has slipped even further behind.

That’s where the Forest Chrome Extension comes in. When you need to focus, Forest allows you to set a timer to get stuff done. And with either its “blockist” mode (which restricts access to your top time-wasting websites) or “allowist” mode (which only lets you visit pre-approved sites), you can protect that time from all those sneaky distractions.

The Chrome extension also connects to the Forest app, available on iOS and Android.

2. Dropbox for Gmail

If you save your files to the cloud using Dropbox, the Dropbox for Gmail add-on will make your life a lot easier. The add-on lets you quickly add files from your dropbox to your emails without ever leaving your inbox… and because it’s integrated into your Gmail account, it will work on any device, not just in your browser.

If you’ve ever sent an email attachment and then realized you needed to update something five minutes later, you’ll also love the fact that your recipients will always have access to the most up-to-date version when you share through Dropbox. No need to send over multiple files or waste time on follow up emails.

Use Google Drive instead? Skip down to #5 on this list to learn how Charli can help you organize your workspace.

3. Grammarly

Everyone’s had the experience of miscommunication via the written word. A joke that doesn’t land, an email that someone reads as aggressive. Tone and meaning can be difficult to capture.

In addition to being a powerful grammar and spell checker, Grammarly for Chrome will assess the tone and the clarity of your writing. Wherever you are online—in your Gmail Inbox, posting on LinkedIn, sending a quick tweet—Grammarly is on hand to keep you sounding professional. Grammarly speeds up the process of creating business-ready communications—and reduces the risk that you lose a whole afternoon clearing up an email misunderstanding!

4. Simple Gmail Notes

Imagine the scenario: your boss sends you an email asking for responses on a new marketing campaign. You have ideas, but not the time to write out a proper reply in the moment.

What do you do? Scribble a note on a post-it? Promise yourself you’ll remember your bright idea and write the email later (only to come back to your desk three hours later with no memory of your genius thought at all)?

Our thinking and ideas are too often too disconnected from the place where our work happens: in our inboxes. With Simple Gmail Notes, you can easily add a note to any email so that when you come back later, you’ve captured your thoughts right in the place where you need them. If you’re super organized, you can even colour-coordinate your notes to give you a quick visual cue when you log back in.

5. Charli

Everyone has their own secret sauce for staying productive. Some people need more distraction-free time, others thrive when they can get super organized. But almost every professional still has a lot of stuff that they need to get under control. And sometimes, the productivity tools and systems can become just another thing to manage.

That’s where Charli comes in. It’s an AI assistant that keeps your content organized, can quickly share critical documents with the right people, and that automates your workflows. With powerful natural language AI, Charli learns your preferences and makes it easier than ever to keep all the information you need at hand.

Integrated with all your favorite tools and available as a Gmail extension (in addition to a web-based app and iOS app), Charli is the on-demand assistant who is with you whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Give Charli a try and discover how much time you can free up.