When was the last time that you felt a feeling of accomplishment? We all surely accomplish a good amount throughout the day, but do your days leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied? Despite the amount of work that all of us are putting in, few of us are allowing ourselves to feel good about it — which is a mistake.

Taking the time to feel accomplished is a great way to keep yourself motivated, which will in turn keep you more productive. Read on to learn more about how to feel accomplished in life and the importance of feeling a sense of accomplishment on a regular basis!

Why is it Important to Feel Accomplished?

The idea of “accomplishing something” comes when you successfully achieve a goal that you put in place for yourself. When you feel accomplished, it can lead to a greater sense of purpose and persistence, which will lead to a better, more consistent performance throughout your life.

The human brain is designed to reward us whenever we feel accomplished. The chemistry of our brains will take in this sense of accomplishment and use it to motivate us to achieve more. Feelings of accomplishment naturally cause more engagement and higher motivation, making it one of the best tools humans have at our disposal for sustained productivity.

When you feel a sense of accomplishment, it can have a positive impact on your self-esteem. You’ll naturally feel better about yourself after you’ve completed a task, which is why it’s so important that you find time to accomplish things on a daily basis. 

Accomplishing more can also help you in your social life. The more you accomplish, the more you’ll feel accepted, as your self-worth and sense of competence will improve. It can also help you to improve your social relationships — setting true goals and accomplishing them helps us to enjoy the journey of life, which makes us happier people and more enjoyable to be around.

5 Tips to Feel a Sense of Accomplishment Daily

Now that we understand the benefits of self accomplishment, it’s time to learn how we can inject this feeling into our daily lives. Take a look at these five tips to learn how you can feel more accomplished on a daily basis!

1. Define clear and attainable goals

How clear and defined are the goals you’ve set for yourself? Many people think they have goals, but when they actually sit down and think about them, they come to find that their aspirations are more like vague ideas rather than accomplishable and concrete goals.

So, the first step is to physically write down some clear and attainable goals. Break them down into categories (such as personal, professional, fitness, financial, etc) and then break each goal into smaller tasks that you can take on, one at a time, that will lead you to the end goal. Doing this will give you an action plan that feels manageable, which will help to eliminate excuses and will make your goals feel less daunting and more exciting.

2. Reflect daily

Sometimes, people end a day without a feeling of achievement because they aren’t noticing any major changes in their life when compared to where they were when they woke up in the morning. However, there’s many days where you get a lot more done than you realize, and if you reflect on them, you can feel a better sense of accomplishment.

Take some time at the end of your day to do some journaling or any other form of daily reflection. This will show you what you actually accomplished, which will both remind you of your successes and show any opportunities for growth. You may not end every single day feeling accomplished, but you’ll likely end more days feeling better when you give yourself credit for the things you have done rather than dwelling on the things you haven’t done.

3. Seek out feedback

Oftentimes, we are our own worst critic in life — especially when it comes to our goals. Most of us have big ideas of the type of person we want to be and the things we want to achieve, which is great. But, it can lead to us being too hard on ourselves when things aren’t happening at a fast pace.

Try talking to the people in your life who know what your goals are. Whether they’re friends, family or teammates, they can give you a better picture of the things you’ve accomplished lately and can let you know if you’re overworking or if you are underworking. Their truths may hurt and may inspire you, or it may relax you and calm your nerves.

4. Celebrate the small victories

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why should you expect to achieve all of your hopes and dreams in a day? Most of the time, we don’t feel entirely satisfied with how a day went unless we completely finished a project. However, this can lead to feeling like you failed, which is damaging to motivation and will prevent you from accomplishing future goals.

Instead of feeling down about not completing all of your tasks, choose to celebrate the work that you did get done. Even if you went from 50-75% completion on a project, that’s much better than doing nothing. Maybe you even knocked out some life admin tasks that cleared your schedule for more work tomorrow. Celebrating the wins will help to keep you motivated and will keep the momentum going so that you can continue to be productive on a more sustainable basis.

5. Be selfish (sometimes)

Your feeling of self accomplishment comes from within — not from what other people say or think about you. Your goals are different from other people’s, meaning that you are on your own timeline and are following a path that is different from theirs. How could you expect to keep up with other people if you’re on an entirely different path?

If you compare your feeling of accomplishment with someone else’s, it will only hinder your self-esteem and self-worth, which is detrimental to your own progress towards your goals. Apathy towards the opinion of others is any successful person’s secret weapon. Become tunnel visioned on your own path in life and you’ll find yourself with more success and more happiness.

Finding a sense of accomplishment is a great feeling, but don’t feel like you have to do it alone. There are plenty of tools and resources out there that can help you work smarter instead of harder, which will help you to accomplish more on a regular basis.