Charli AI + your #tags = an easier organization strategy that stays relevant forever.


We know organization styles are different for everyone, maybe you have folders structured like the Dewey Decimal System or all your important content is cluttered on your desktop, email or download folder. 

Either way, Charli learns about your organization styles and takes the admin work out of filing and finding your important content.

When uploading your content or storing links through Charli’s Web Clipper Chrome Extension you can quickly add suggested #tags. You can save content and links related to projects, expenses, upcoming meetings or anything else. Unlike your bookmarks bar, organizing links with Charli allows you to keep all content in one place and find related content based on #tags.

If you’re in a rush, you can send or upload content to Charli without notes or tags. Charli will use AI magic to apply smart auto tags and organize that content for you.


Why use tags?

Tagging your content is a quick way to add context to your important content. Personalize your important files and links by #tagging based on your industry and needs.

 Use a #tagging system with a simple file hierarchy – think of broad categories for your top-level folders. Charli starts by creating two main folders in your Google Drive: Charli Personal and Charli Business. Start simple and build from there, you can always add more later.

Business deals have many documents like #contracts, #proposals and #RFPs. You can find the latest versions quickly by adding a custom note to your documents like V3 – “waiting on client to sign.” Charli is able to quickly find using both your tags #proposal and keywords like “sign” – no more searching through long email threads.

Project management is simplified using simple and clear tags that can be easily found and shared with your teams and clients. Start with your top-level tag for a client project like #Acme #clientproject. You can use #Acme as you add various project research like #acme #timeline or #acme #expenses. At the end of the project, just ask Charli to find all #Acme related articles or the specific expense ones that you need.

 Create content grouping that make sense for your everyday workflow. Try out Charli AI – your content assistant.