Today’s modern work experience is facing a challenge: the problem of (dis)organization.

In fact, 19% of our time is spent just looking for information. More cloud platforms, email accounts and messaging apps mean our information is all over the place. It’s hard to know where to file stuff and even more difficult to remember where to go to retrieve it. Did I save that to my desktop, Google Drive or Dropbox or is it still attached to the email…or was that a chat message?

Sure, many of us want to be more organized, but it’s a lot of work – unless you make it your full time job or absolutely love doing it.

For those who want to ditch the hassle of organizing files and free up more time to do fun stuff, there’s a new kid in town…

Introducing Charli.

Using AI, Charli is an online productivity manager that helps improve the organization of your content. Or as our team likes to say, Charli is your new Chief of Stuff. 💪💪💪 Designed for solopreneurs, freelancers, coaches and small business owners and their teams, Charli will help you go from overwhelm to zen faster than you can say Marie Kondo.

Curious to give Charli a try? You’re in luck, because Charli is now open for public beta testing! Before your sign up, let’s take a closer look at what Charli is – and is not.

What is Charli?

Currently available for the web and iOS, Charli is an app that uses AI technology to automate the organization of your content into Google Drive. In other words, Charli lets you rid yourself of the manual task of storing documents and retrieving them.

That’s right, with Charli’s help, you will no longer have to (1) save an email attachment to your desktop, and then (2) open Google Drive, and then (3) figure out where to save it or create a new folder, and then (4) upload the document to said folder.

Instead, simply #askCharli to file the document and, poof, it will be done.

How does it work? (No, it’s not magic, though our very tired data scientists wish it were.) Charli uses AI to look at the document quickly and understand what it’s all about. Armed with that insight, Charli’s AI engine then finds the best folder in your Google Drive to save it to, or if none exists it creates a new one. Finally, Charli uploads your document to the folder – all in a matter of seconds. When it comes time to find your document, you can either browse your Google Drive as normal or simply ask Charli to find it for you.

By reducing clutter and increasing time spent work that matters most, Charli makes work flow. It’s like a personal assistant for your content.

How Charli Began

The team at Charli started with one goal in mind: to help professionals spend more time doing the things they enjoy most, whether that’s in or out of the office.

Our team had an idea – a notion – that people are getting bogged down by all the daily work about work. After many, many hours of brainstorming and speaking with our early beta testers, we came to realize that everyone wants to be more organized, but no one wants to spend hours getting there. Instead, most people end up using their inboxes as a document manager and scrambling to find “stuff” across their desktop, cloud drives, messaging apps, social media accounts and inboxes to get work done.

To be precise, our team has spent the last 18 months diving deep into the productivity problem. And it hasn’t always been pretty. We believe most traditional productivity processes are broken, with people spending way too much time on tedious document shuffling, sorting and administrative overhead, rather than on GETTING 👏 STUFF 👏 DONE 👏. It’s time to change that by putting technology to work for us, not the other way around.

Where We Are Today

We’re pleased to announce that Charli is now available for beta testing for Google users who want to get their stuff organized into Google Drive.

Though we’re still in beta, we want to provide more folks with access to Charli’s value and in return get feedback on how we can take Charli to the next level. We’re still figuring things out and we haven’t stopped improving. We want to keep stress-testing Charli and polishing its rough edges.

Seeing the reactions of busy professionals when they realize Charli has not only organized their documents, but also automatically filed them exactly where they belong, is the most rewarding thing for our team. That’s why we do what we do. 💗


What the Future Looks Like

This launch doesn’t mean we’re done. In fact, it’s just the beginning of our next chapter. Our team has exciting plans to continue to add more features to help get you organized and feel a little more relief.

Today you can send stuff to Charli to organize, and then find stuff with its intelligent search. In the near future, you will be able to automatically do stuff with Charli like share, collaborate, set reminders, and so on – becoming your true “Chief of Stuff”.

In fact, our team is currently using Charli internally to recognize content such as bills, receipts and invoices.  Charli then organizes, records and reports on this type of content automatically.  Our goal is to expose this powerful capability, and grow Charli into a full back-office support system; expanding from organization to automation. Ultimately, we want Charli to help alleviate the longstanding issue of workplace burnout by empowering professionals to do more of what they love and less of what they don’t.

How You Can Become a Beta Tester

Feeling like Charli might be right for you? That’s exciting!

Before you hit the YES button though, it’s important to know that:

  • We’re currently limiting Charli to Google users meaning you must have a Google account to access Charli during beta. Support for other cloud systems is slated to be available in 2021.
  • Right now, Charli works from desktop and Support for other operating systems like Android is coming next year.

If that works for you, we’d be over the moon happy to have you join our beta testing family!

3, 2, 1, GO….

Click here to become our next beta tester.

Welcome aboard! We’re excited to see what you think.