A better way to
do it all
Charli makes it easier to keep track of your content and cloud apps when you’re super busy and working solo. Do your best work with the support of your very own AI powered digital organization app.
Like an assistant that organizes everything andgets $%^& done.
Tame that inbox, clean up your desktop and find things faster. Charli is your ‘chief of stuff,’ helping you organize, find and share your stuff using a powerful combination of Natural Language + AI + Commands.
Content Management
Find your disparate cloud docs and links anywhere, anytime.
When you offload content management to Charli, you’ll waste less time searching for documents and links in your inbox, Google Drive, or other cloud storage. Charli uses AI to automate content organization so you find the right documents the first time across your cloud apps.
Expense Tracking
Expense processing and reporting made simple with Charli.
Forward emails containing expenses or snap a picture of a receipt and let Charli do the rest. Charli uses AI to extract your expense details and will even create a spreadsheet report. Never waste hours of your week again on tedious data entry.
Automate Reminders
Like an IRL assistant to remind you to pay an invoice or read an article.
With one click, set reminders for your content and Charli will create a reminder in your calendar of choice. Need time to review and edit that presentation? Just tell Charli.
How it works
Send your ‘stuff’ to Charli—just text, upload, scan or email.
Add #hashtags to help Charli learn how you label things.
Voila! Files are organized and ready to be shared as links or reports.
See it in action
Built with some of the world's most advanced AI models, including GPT-3, Charli helps busy people level up productivity and work smarter.
A unified workspace to manage content
Collaborate with your Team
Available anytime, any place, any device
Charli is there wherever and whenever you need a task managed across all the channels you already use for work. Loop Charli in by email, mobile, web and chat—while you’re on the go or at your desk.
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