Smart content
hub for teams
Whether your team is sharing sales collateral, research links or brand documents, Charli keeps everything organized and everyone in sync.
Looking for documents at work is awful.
No one wants to spend their day endlessly searching various Slack channels, inboxes, or your team's shared drives. Worse, no one wants to be interrupted all day long by co-workers looking for the latest slide deck or figma link.
One Source of Truth
Collaborate smarter with one system to manage important docs and links.
A standardized way to manage files and links keeps the whole team in sync. No need to maintain complicated shared drives or keep asking each other for content in Slack.
Bye Bye Folders
Ditch the elaborate folder hierarchies no one uses properly
With your whole team on Charli, there is no need to maintain complex folder hierarchies and shared wiki pages solely for documents and links. Create hashtags that can be shared with your team OR let your team personalize #tags themselves.
Onboard New Teammates
Make onboarding new hires easier than ever
Create a new hire canvas with all the important docs and links your new teammate might need. Easily share that on their first day and save yourself some time.
Eliminating productivity killers for businesses, startups and connected workers everywhere.
19% of our time (1 day per week) is spent searching for information. That’s
in lost productivity
Solutions designed with your team in mind
Campaign planning and operations
Centralize marketing projects to a single content canvas. Keep your brand guides, logos, and links all in one place so you can easily share your brand kit with a new vendor, media, or new employee.
Team Knowledgebase
Easy to maintain knowledgebase to keep your entire team on the same page. Skip the wiki pages filled with links and centralize content with Charli instead. Manage competitive analysis, product messaging, standard operating procedures, software tools and more in one place.
Investor Data Room
Wasting time building a data room just for it to go stale every few weeks? Keep your data room fresh with Charli. Simply tag items for investors with data room as you hand them over to Charli. When you’re ready create a collection and send it to your investment team.
Easy Employee Onboarding
Simplify new hire onboarding so they can be productive right away. Find and share the content they need to be successful in their first few weeks in a few clicks. No need to search for content, copy & paste links, and duplicate work.
Wrangle content, not apps
A unified workspace built around your content and connected to the apps you already know and love.
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